Children books

The clock that does not tell the time

Pocho, the rooster, has made an important decision, but this affects in some way his friends that live in the garden. Now, all depend on a clock that makes it easier for them to know the time to perform their activities. What happens if the clock stops working?

Elephants can forget

Norsu was an old elephant among others whose main task was to educate young elephants and above all to recount their history since the beginning. Elephants have an excellent memory. Norsu looked sick. He had difficulty in remembering some episodes. This inconvenience of an elephant is serious, especially him, who was the guard of the stories of the elephants that arrived from China.

Fuzz and puppies

Fuzz lives with all the attentions and comforts of a pet, but she gets bored of being locked up. She decides to explore the neighborhood in search of emotions. Returning to the house she knows that she is no longer the only family pet. She takes this new fact with resignation, but soon discovers that the newcomers that arrived are a pair of problematic puppies and that their mistakes also affect her. That poses her a new challenge.

Fuzz, the captive princess

Fuzz is a lovely Chihuahua. She believes she is the princess of the house. She lives with all the attention and amenities as a pet very dear. Her owner works and she is bored being locked up. In her fantasy she wants to explore the neighborhood in search of emotions. Finally, she realizes that there is not much to seek and the love that she needs comes from the people who care her at home.

The Enchanted Garden of Belda, the caterpillar

Fairy Tale that gives continuity to Belda, the caterpillar. Belda is no longer an ugly caterpillar. Now she is a beautiful butterfly. She lives far from the garden where she was born. She tries to recall just the good moments in it when she still was a caterpillar. Despite everything, it was a magical place. So she tells her new friends.

Belda, the caterpillar

Belda is a very naive caterpillar. She believes that everything in the garden is wonderful, but soon she realizes that it is not true. Almost everybody thinks she is an ugly and dangerous bug. Belda undergoes significant changes, but these, instead of helping her, they hurt her. Belda understands that for some people is not easy to accept others just because they look different. However, there is always a place to be happy.